Oct 19, 2007

Preview of the UFT's Response to the Horror of the Temporary Reassignment Centers

Jim Callaghan, a UFT reporter, came to the Reassignment Center at 333 7th Avenue on October 19th and imparted the following information, which was greeted with some hope but also a large amount of cynicism and skepticism:

Randi Weingarten, president of the UFT, is calling a meeting of all personnel assigned to the Temporary Reassignment Centers, "Rubber Rooms", for Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 4:15p.m. at 52 Broadway At this meeting she will state that the lack of due process is very concerning. At this meeting she will outline what she will request/demand? from the DOE.
1. That the four missing arbitrators from the current panel of 3020a arbitrators be replaced immediately, In addition the panel should be increased by four arbitrators to form a 24 member 3020a panel.
2. A Master Arbitrator be appointed to review all potential 3020a cases to determine whether any individual case warrants the separation of the charged person from interaction with children.
3. Principals must sign affidavits swearing that the levied 3020a charges are not the result of personality conflicts, whistle blowing, any type of discrimination, or any other non - job performance criteria.
4. The right of the UFT to sue principals who are most egregious in either frequency of charging or the level of the fabrication or vindictiveness of the charge.
5. End to retaliation towards any UFT member sent back to his/her job.
6. Exposure on nation-wide media of the NYCDOE 's policy of harassment of, vindictiveness towards, and lying about teachers resulting in unsound educational policy

Reassigned personnel had demands of their own to be conveyed to Randi:
1. Punitive damages for stress, illness, anxiety incurred as a result of the vindictiveness and lying of principals and other administrators.
2. Investigation of the Special Office of Investigation- their motivation and methods.
3. Stop the practice of "splitting decisions down the middle." This is a long standing practice of arbitrators - the giving of something to both sides in a dispute- not only in educational hearings but all types of hearings. This is to keep both sides happy with the arbitrator. Justice is the goal, not the preservation of an arbitrator's job! If a person is innocent of the charges, there should be no fines or suspensions. Suggestion: Reinstate hearings by a panel of three arbitrators and have the decision rendered anonymously.
4. Like in other unionized due process hearings, make the principal prove that the person receiving the charges was not the worst performer. Yes, it means showing that another person in your job description was a worse performer, BUT remember, the principal is not out to get that person. This relates to Randi's projected demand #3.

If anyone has other demands they want aired, send them to tagnyc@gmail.com