Oct 7, 2007

ATRs: Good-bye and Good Luck

This is how the NYC DOE plans to get rid of competent teachers and counselors. It is called the "Chicago Model." Want to see how it is done? Check out the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual: www.policy.cps.k12.il.us/documents/504.2.pdf
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Randi, if this is not correct information, tell us "it ain't so." Tell us the truth at the October 17, 2007 DA meeting. Give us reassurance that this is not what you and Bloomberg and Klein envisioned when you negotiated the 2005 contract.

Randi, any idea why five to six thousand new teachers were hired when we have hundreds of competent (from good to excellent) teachers serving as ATRs? Why are we bringing teachers in from out of the country ( reverse outsourcing) to take the jobs of tenured and non-tenured competent teachers already in place? Can you tell us answers at the October 17, 2007 DA meeting?